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You can have a job and travel the world

There is not just one way to create the work life you want. The choice is not between freelancer or permanently employed. Find your core values and remember that the creation of value should go both ways between employer and employee.

Just recently, I got a project employment. A really great opportunity for me and the visions I have of where I’m going professionally. But it seems that people have a hard time figuring out how I can keep traveling. Am I not a freelancer then? Have I forsaken everything I preach? The short answer is no.

Like with any deal or agreement I make, I make sure we share the same values and complement each other. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself freelance or self-employed, you need clients or collaborations. I do all kinds of things from journalism to workshops to consulting, freelance tasks and longer-term projects with companies.

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I take responsibility for myself and say yes or no to opportunities based on my values, visions, and interests. My core value is freedom. Freedom to work from where I want, at the times I am the most creative and efficient, and to not be pinned down and pigeonholed. 

How we work is evolving

I have a couple of companies that I divide my time between. Besides this, I have some clients that I work for from time to time but not every month. For the next months, this company I made the agreement of the project employment with is where I’ll use the majority of my time. And it is ******* exciting! They get that the future of work is diverse and that work is evolving.

It seems to me, that people tend to forget, that there are not just one model to be a freelancer or self-employed. You need to find the one, that suits you the best.

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I like having multiple customers. It gives me a sense of security and different tasks and assignments that complement each other and keep me on my toes. I like to be challenged and not do the same day in and day out. And the companies I work with are happy with that too.

They know I constantly broaden my network and knowledge. It benefits all of us. They know I’m the happiest and most motivated by having the possibility to work remotely when I want to when I can check in from time to time and connect, when I can create synergies between them and new possible partners and associates.

Value creation should go both ways

I have no vision of giving up traveling or having my own small company. But all companies need clients and all travels need funding. How you get there is up to you; if you like having a steady job go for it, you can also work one place two or three days a week and divide the rest of your time on other projects that give you energy; you can have lots of smaller assignments or a mix of longer-term projects and day to day tasks.

Just remember to think about whether they get you to where you want to go. The creation of value has to go both ways.

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