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The Copenhagen Traveler: How to grow a successful blog

There are tons of blogs out there, so how can your blog stand out in the crowd? I’ve asked Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge, founder of about just that.

We met in Copenhagen, the city that gives name to Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinges incredibly popular blog We sat comfortably at Bio Mio, where the co-working concept Sp8ces rent out the dining room to freelancers and digital nomads before the busy evening shift at the restaurant. 

Regitse has traveled to large parts of the world but now lives in Berlin. She was invited to Founders Friday by Sp8ces to inspire and reveal some of her secrets to building a successful blog. The Copenhagen Traveler is one of leading travel blogs in Scandinavia and was nominated one of the world’s best luxury travel blogs in 2016 by TBCAsia.

Blogger – stay true to yourself

Whether you write about traveling, fashion, gear, or something completely different the competition is tough. Regitse openly shared her experience with the aspiring freelancers and bloggers that turned up at Bio Mio this winter morning. She talked about how it all started, about affiliate marketing, the importance of the right business partners, finding your niche, how to grow the business without losing the common thread and how important it is to always stay true to your own values. That’s what truly sets apart blogs from blogs.

Today, everyone can start a blog. Regitse isn’t fond of the term blogger. The Copenhagen Traveler is a serious business that she is now growing even bigger with coaching, books, and guidance targeted female entrepreneurs. To just call her a blogger would not do her work justice. It takes long hours, a tight business strategy, networking, and a passion for writing and sharing your knowledge with your audience to truly stand out in your niche. 

Curious about how to gain readership and become successful? I’ve asked Regitse to share some of her experience with you!

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Foto: Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge

How does one become a successful freelancer or blogger?

“Of course, there’s no one answer to this, but personally, three things have worked exceptionally well for me: passion, networking, and curiosity,” says Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge: 

“Being passionate about whatever you write about is the alpha and omega. There will be days, especially in the beginning, where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and where you have to remind yourself why you do it; because it is fun. It takes patience to become a successful blogger. The high readership figures and beneficial collaborations won’t automatically happen overnight and not even in the first couple of months. You have to keep your cool and keep a sense of perspective. All this becomes so much easier if you’re passionate about your niche.”

“To network and meet new people in the same business as you’re in is very important. That applies to all parts of doing business; a reliable network is priceless. Don’t hide behind your computer. In the end, it’s the human interaction that’s most important. Go to events, seek out the most interesting people and don’t forget to give a little piece of yourself. Curiosity is just as important as passion. If you’re curious about your line of work, if you always try to be better and pick up knowledge, it will influence your writing, and your readers will come to know you as an expert in your field,” she concludes. 

Which pitfalls should one be aware of?

“Again, I’m going to mention patience. Today, everything moves very fast, and that entails that the tolerance of many people is almost non-existent,” says Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge:

“If you pour your heart into something, you have to give it your all and at the same time wait for the results. It can take months before they show. Furthermore, you have to be true to yourself and your brand. If you choose to write about fashion, then refrain from all of a sudden plunging into kitchen utensils or recipes. Unless of course, you can do it in an elegant way that beautifully ties everything together.”

“And if you form partnerships that really don’t make sense for you that too can demote your brand.
It all comes down to the common thread,” says Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge.

What are your three best pieces of advice to build readership?

“Continuity, commitment, and personality. If you have started blogging and posting on social media, you have to make a strategic plan. Stick to a certain amount of posts per week, so your readers know what to expect. Engage yourself with your readers, their comments, and feedback. It’s priceless,” explains Regitse and continues: 

“Your blog is a continuation of you – it is your brand. That’s why the entire universe around your blog has to reflect who you are as a person. It doesn’t have to be deeply personal, but by giving a little piece of yourself you can create a stable relationship with your readers, and people in general.”

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