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Six reasons not to go to Slush

Didn’t get that ticket for Slush? Well, you’re not really missing out on anything anyways. It is said, that Slush is the center of the tech universe, a veritable tech mecca. But nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November, eh?

1. It frickin cold and dark in Finland

Helsinki is not a very vibrant city. There’s nowhere to enjoy an evening of passionate karaoke, there are no neat sites to explore, and you can not find any good eats. 

2. It’s just startups, you know. Full of hot air and no real ideas.

No really successful startups come to Slush. It’s just a bunch of hipsters riding the startup hype.

3. No one famous ever shows up

Chris Sacca would never step on stage at an insignificant venue like Slush. And Al Gore would definitely never fly all the way to Finland!

4. Nothing exciting ever happens

People dressed up like dinosaurs, magical unicorns, VR-experiences. You’re not likely to bump into any of that at Slush.

5. You’re not going to need your business card

People just don’t attend. The venue is empty.

6. The afterparty is not that good

Free drinks, several stages. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So ehm.. see you at Slush 2017?

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