How to take on climate change, one big pink balloon at a time

They don’t believe in miracles or politicians to save the earth. Instead, they tackle climate change one big pink balloon at a time, targeting the large polluting industries. Chooose has set out on a mission to go climate positive – and you can help just by clicking this article!

Granted, the talk about climate change can be tiring and it can give even the most climate-conscious person a bad taste in their mouth. That’s why Chooose has chosen not to be the finger-wagging guilty conscience of climate change.

Chooose is a Norwegian startup targeting the big polluting industries by buying the quotas, which the businesses could have used to release more CO2 into the air, and tear them apart. One CO2 permission to Chooose equals one permission less available for the industry and one ton less CO2 released out into the air we all breathe.

To be able to buy the quotas, Chooose relies on their monthly subscribers, the so-called Chooosers. So far, Chooose has around 2000 individual members and several large companies, numbers growing after Chooose won the 100 pitches startup competition DNB Nxt 2017 at Oslo Innovation Week and just this week Chooose was picked as one of 25 companies globally for the Extreme Tech Challenge.

Every reader equals 10 kilos of CO2

But where do the big pink balloons come into the picture, you might ask. Well, you see, that is how Chooose visualize just how much 10 or 100 kilos worth of CO2 looks like. At Oslo Innovation Week this year, Chooose brought one of each balloon, the smallest holding 10 kilos of CO2 is the one co-founder Andreas Slettvoll is pointing to in the picture above. And he has promised that Chooose will cut 10 kilos of CO2 for every reader of this article!

So far, Chooose has stopped 15,000,000 kilos of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. According to Andreas Slettvoll, that is more than three percent of everything Norway is aiming at cutting so far this year.

“We have reached more than three percent with “only” 2000 members. Imagine the impact when we are 2,000,000!” says Andreas Slettvoll.

The climate crisis has a branding problem

Andreas Slettvoll started the company together with his four co-founders, Gaute Gamst, Karl-Axel Bauer, Martine Kveim and Henrik Guderud. Their belief in politicians and miracles were dwindling if non-existent and they chose to take matters into their own hands.

“The idea came to us when we were having a beer at Lorry Restaurant in Oslo last year. We ended up discussing climate change and why it all of a sudden is a political issue and always makes people feel bad or at least not good enough. We ended up concluding that the climate crisis has a huge branding and communication problem. We decided, that we had to do something, something positive that everyone could do with a low barrier, low cost, and high impact. Ten months later, Chooose won the largest startup competition in Norway!” says Andreas Slettvoll.

They call it easy and convenient earth-saving 2017 style. Chooose makes every single person count and offers instant carbon neutrality based on the average emission per person in your country of residence. In Norway every person is minimum 11 tonnes because of the large emissions due to the oil industry, explains Andreas Slettvoll. In Sweden, the average person is below five tonnes.

“It depends on which country you are from. In most western countries the average emissions are between 500-1000 kilos per month. And you know, pollution is cheap – but so is blocking it. It costs less than a beer a month to go climate positive with us,” says Andreas Slettvoll.

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