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Get your freelance year started right with these awesome tools

Want to optimize your hours? Here are some useful tools for becoming more efficient and get everything under control!

Time Doctor

Whether you work alone or in a team, Time Doctor can help you up your productivity by tracking data on your work habits and provide you with the analytics to make improvements. Though not free, Time Doctor comes with trial period of 14 days where you can try out features such as time tracking, giving your clients access, reports, payroll, web, and app usage and chat monitoring. It’s integrative with software like Trello, Podio, and Slack, and everything is in real time.

Small SEO Tools

This site gives you access to free and online SEO tools that can help you track keywords, check backlinks and boost your Domain Authority. The site consists of tons of little tests that strengthen your search engine optimization.

Auto Text Expander

Tired of writing the same sentence over and over again when sending out reminders, contacting new clients, or describing your business? Auto Text Expander is an extension for Google Chrome that creates custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type.


Curate your links and content with Wakelet. Make collections to save content for later use or publish lists on your sites. A part of Wakelet is Quickwake which lets you easily turn as many links as you want into one – that way you can quickly share information with others.
I, for example, use it to show my selected articles on my personal web page.
There are more features on the platform allowing you to reorder links, add notes, and images. If you have been a Storify user, you can export all your links from your public stories to Wakelet instead of starting over again. So far the whole shebang is free.


Like a little brother of Trello, Buckets is easier to navigate as a one-man band. This software also has the color-coded boxes, the task management system, and the checklists. And it’s free. Your entire workflow is visualized in front of you on your computer. You can add as many members as you need. You can work in your pajamas.

WHA by Work Hard Anywhere

Like me, you probably find yourself in cities with no clue where to find the best workspace or the best wi-fi. The WHA app guides you to decent workspaces on the run. You can check out closing times, amounts of tables, the menu, outlets, and share your spot with other hardworking digital nomads.


The social media for work. Most of you probably know about Slack, but for those still working remote via e-mail, please download this tool! It makes it so much easier to share links, tasks, and chat, and you can create different channels and conversations, tagging only the members you need.

Let’s get physical

Osmo Mobile
Finally got my hands on this beauty! If you’re looking into making video a part of your business you need something like DJI Osmo. The stick turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, steadying every shot to look smooth and cinematic. Osmo also includes intelligent functions to tracks subjects, create time-lapse, and stream moments live.

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