Five great places to work from Copenhagen

Time to get out of the apartment? Here are five recommendations for the digital nomad visiting Copenhagen or for the freelancer just looking for a new hangout.



At the corner of Egilsgade and Leifsgade at the heart of Islands Brygge, you’ll find Tobis. Privately owned by Tobias Faber, it feels like entering a warm apartment but with excellent coffee. Don’t miss out on the cakes either – especially the carrot cake is the perfect mix of sugary and savory.

The ten days a year where you can sit outside in Denmark, Tobis offer outside serving. In the likelihood of rain or wind, you can choose between seatings in the room by the counter or take a few steps to the elevated room for more privacy.


Bevar’s is located at Nørrebro and offers both coffee, food, and events. The café is beta testing an online community for idea and business development that, together with the physical café, will become a new practical infrastructure for entrepreneurs in Copenhagen.

Bevar’s is open every day until late, and it is possible to reserve a table for meetings. The room is small and cozy with wooden furniture and art on the walls fit for a hipster.

Democratic @ public library

As a part of the Copenhagen Main Library, Democratic Coffee is located in continuation of the entrance. You can choose to sit in Democratic’s café or bring your coffee and croissants to the library which is packed with little nooks for working and reading.

I can recommend trying the baked goods and sit by the window facing the street and the synagogue.


Not far from the Main Library, you’ll find Paludan. A large café filled to the brim with books and magazines! The interior is dark and cozy with café tables and laidback granddad chairs. The prices are slightly lower than many other places due to Paludan’s history as a bookshop and publishing house, which supplied students with books at affordable prices.

For a café, they have an extensive menu with everything from chili con carne to coffee and gluten-free bread.


At the hip Vesterbro, facing the busy Vesterbrogade, you can find a calm place to work at Republikken. Republikken is not just a café; it is also a co-working space for the self-employed and small companies. Offering three types of memberships there is something for every budget, but if you’re just looking for a temporary place to sit, buy a pot of tea and use the café.


If you are looking for a place to work for a week or more and you don’t feel like involving yourself in a co-working space, the new concept Sp8ces might be of interest to you! Sp8ces transforms restaurants, which usually are closed in the daytime, to offices.

They have three locations in Copenhagen. I have only tried BOB Bistro in the Meat Packing District but liked the way that you can sit and work without distractions and fear of taking up space from café goers. Coffee and tea are included in the price – lunch you’ll have to buy yourself but the Meat Packing District is full of great options and the bistro offers a special lunch menu for workers.

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