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Five Finnish startups to watch out for

Batteries, AI management tools, ultrasound, 3D-printing for kids and city planning. In short, that is what these five Finnish startups work with and does such a good job at, that they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

Changemakers. That was what Slush 2017 was all about. Gathering more than 20.000 attendees, startups, investors, and journalists from around the world, Slush is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. And among the many startup events is the epic Slush 100 competition. More than 2600 startups applied, only 100 were selected. Among them were many interesting companies, breakthrough ideas, and passionate founders. I have chosen five Finnish companies to keep an eye out for.

Altum Technologies

The winner of this year’s Slush 100 is the first company to use focused power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment – no production stoppages and no equipment disassembly.
What is fouling one might ask. Fouling is the accumulation of bio, organic or inorganic material on solid surfaces to the detriment of function. According to Altum Technologies fouling causes 2,5 % of the global CO2 emissions per year. That equals the emissions from 272 power plants, or more than 200 millions cars emphasized COO Bo Malmberg at the Slush 100 finals.
Altum is based in Helsinki and consists of people from University of Helsinki and Harward University with more than 100 years of experience in total in power ultrasound and electronics.


Making it to the top10 was the online learning and sharing platform 3DBear – yes, the startup 3D-printing bears and stuff in the startup square area at Slush!
3DBear brings technology into the classroom with 3D-printing and augmented reality. Children can explore different worlds via a tablet, 3D-print objects, and redesign their physical surroundings in with AR.
3D-printing and AR represent a new wave of hyped technology. To 3Dbear it is important to underline, that they not only want to teach kids to use a 3D-printer. They want to help kids develop their understanding of technology in new ways, improve their motivation, and learn how to apply learned skills to practice.
The Finnish National Agency for Education has even asked 3Dbear to do national support material for teachers.


Chaos Architects

Also a top10 contestant, Chaos Architects brought city planning to the table at Slush. The startup was founded in 2015 and promotes themselves as the only AI cloud service platform for joint innovation between citizens, cities, and businesses.
The startup provides a tool for citizens to actively engage in their neighborhood and city planning and use business intelligence for better interaction and decision-making. Chaos Architects have developed the app Happycity where citizens can get in touch with cities, decisions makers and companies.

Broadbit Batteries

Broadbit is a sodium-based green battery technology. The batteries are based on widely available compounds like metallic sodium with active materials including sodium chloride – table salt! The batteries have proven to be long-lasting, safer, at a reduced cost, and scalable.
The batteries can be used in transportation, engine starters, portable electronic, and as backup power.
Broadbit has several awards under the belt, like MILstartup Award, KasvuOpen Start-up competition, and Pioneers Award.

This startup’s AI software solution streamlines requirements engineering and got them in the top10 of the Slush100. Selko automates requirements management processes in different sectors, like automobile, nuclear power plants, aviation, and defense. The tool extracts all requirements from documentation, analyzes links and contradictions, and displays all results in easily understandable graphs. That can save teams thousands of dollars om projetc, years of repetitive work, and let them catch flaws early on.

Watch a video about at their website

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